What a bizarre week!

We’re back with another weekly episode!

Welcome to the Socialist Commonwealth of Australia as Comrade Scott Morrison’s supposedly free-market Liberals nationalise everything they can get their hands on to help get Australia through the COVID19 Coronavirus pandemic. What could be next? 

Also in our continuing farewell to civil liberties, NSW makes sitting outside illegal – but we figure out a loophole so we can enjoy a coffee in the sun. For now!

And finally we check in with all the latest sporting results with our new sports reporter Stefan Pazur. Listen and watch below!

New episode: Go out! Stay Home! Get a haircut!

To fight coronavirus Scott Morrison urges you to STAY HOME but also KEEP GOING TO WORK because ECONOMY! Also our former Aussie Prime Ministers claim credit for doing nothing, pop star Robbie Williams goes karaoke-crazy and electronics retailer Gerry Harvey urges us to keep shopping! 

Satire must continue!

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has sent the world in lockdown and the economy into free-fall so News Fighters has tapped into our national strategic reserve of wacky clips to bring sense and brevity to this global crisis, while also poking fun at the celebrities who can and cannot deal right now. 

Also Trump vs Obama on pandemics – you won’t be reassured!

Wash your hands! Remain indoors!

We’re releasing episodes weekly for the time being – tune in!

Coronavirus update!

In our latest episode we look at Australia’s latest response to the coronavirus outbreak: panic buying, increased back-patting and even a potential recession! 

Also: Labor’s Jim Chalmers suggests we look beyond GDP to which Liberal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says “No thanks, hippie!”

And: Michael Chamberlin looks at the bizarre online conspiracy theories surrounding nine-year-old Aussie bullying victim Quaden Bayles, because you can always trust what you read on the internet.

New ep: Labor’s new (old) climate policy and ANZ apologies

We’re back with a new daily pilot hosted by Tonightly headwriter Michael Chamberlin!

Today: we look at Albo launching the new Labor climate policy… which seems awfully familiar. While Barnaby Joyce and Joel Fitzgibbon brawl in the hallways of Parliament House, Malcolm Turnbull can’t help but live-tweet the coming climate apocalypse.

Also after triggering the LGBTQI community with an offensive slur-ridden ad, the ANZ apologises with a new ad that celebrates it’s pride… for slurs.

This episode hosted and written by Michael Chamberlin, written by Rebecca Shaw and written, edited and produced by Dylan Behan.

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Full ep audio!
Just the ANZ ad.

Another new ep tomorrow! Phew!