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Ep56 – A YEAR OF COVID-19!

This episode was so much work but I’ve been planning it and working on it for a couple of months. A look back at early news reports on the coronavirus and what Australia got right and wrong in dealing with the pandemic, and why Scott Morrison shouldn’t get the credit.

Also Sydney comedian Bec Melrose stops by the house and we talk about the week in news what else.

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Ep55 – January 26 Culture Wars Roundup + Dan Ilic

This week in the headlines we have the breaking news of the WA lockdown as well as Kevin Andrews losing pre-selection and the ABC’s billionaire Boyer lecturer!

Then we have an extended look at all the Australia Days Culture Wars rubbish from Sky News etc. And finally we chat to my old friend Dan Ilic from A Rational Fear!


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Bonus ep out Friday!

Hey! Our first ever bonus episode is out for our Sanspants plus members on Friday. Our special guest host is Stefan Pazur, our regular arts and sports correspondent. We talk about the year ahead in sports and all the various projects we’ve worked on over the years going back to our uni days.

Also a bunch of previously unheard outtakes and bonus bits from the past month, including bits from Chas and Tom Ballard.

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Where to find old eps and extended new eps!

Hey guys a quick update – the best place to listen to us on the web is probably over on the Sanspants page: https://www.sanspantsradio.com/podcasts/news-fighters-2/

Bookmark it! If you’re a Sanspants plus member it’s also where you can listen to extended and bonus episodes, as well as a selection of our best eps from the past two years. We’ll also be uploading the entire archive there along with more bonus episodes from the past in the near future. In the meantime if you’re a Sanspants Plus member and want to listen to ALL the old episodes (heaven forbid) or the shorter non-extended episode log out and it should refresh with all those. OR just listen on your podcast app or head over to our page at acast https://play.acast.com/s/newsfighters/

Also a reminder we also upload all the non-extended episodes onto Youtube over at our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/newsfighters (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!)- but I only started filming my dumb face hosting at the start of the pandemic with ep37 in March:

Though before that I did film ep30 The 2019 Year in Review episode as a test. The eps before that have the wacky clips but no dumb face in a webcam.

Oh and in case you missed it – there’s a #newsfighters channel/chatroom on the Discord that Sanspants plus members can access – stop by and say hi or ask questions there. I’ll be checking in every day or two.

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ep54: Joe Biden inauguration recap & Tom Walker guests

This week we have an in-depth look at the Australian news coverage of the Joe Biden inauguration and how it may wind up impacting American democracy more than you think.

We also have a quick look at Google’s PR campaign against the government’s news media code, the Dutch government resignation and the U.S. vaccine rollout. 

Then joining us to talk twitching and sans pantsing is award winning comedian Tom Walker, co-host of the podcast bigsofttitty.png (full extended interview available to our supporters on sanspants plus http://www.sanspantsradio.com/plus/)

LISTEN/SUBSCRIBE: podfollow.com/newsfighters/

Watch Tom Walker on Twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/tomwalkerisgood/
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Listen to Tom and Demi’s podcast bigsofttitty.png here: https://www.sanspantsradio.com/podcasts/bigsofttitty-png/

Scott Morrison’s New Years Message

I recut Scott Morrison’s overly optimistic New Years Message to be a bit more reflective of the year ahead. Take a look. (From our latest episode)

Also if you’re new to the show I’ve uploaded and curated a selection of the the “BEST” and most popular episodes from the past two years over at Sanspants Plus (support the show for $5/month)

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Tom Ballard joins to kick of 2021!

For our first ep back of 2021 I’m talking the Brisbane lockdown and the Victoria lockouts. Then my old boss Tom Ballard from Tonightly joins me to talk about the year ahead.

Also we’ve joined distributor Sanspants. If you’d like to hear the extended interview with Tom (and a couple of extra jokes in the monologue) then subscribe and listen in on Sanspants plus. We’re also doing exclusive BONUS monthly episodes there, full of outtakes, behind the scenes banter and whatever else didn’t make the full show.

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Sanspants Radio Podcast Network - Listen free or get a premium membership

In 2021, NEWS FIGHTERS is joining the Australian comedy podcast distributor Sanspants Radio – and is going weekly from January 11.

Sanspants is home to some of Australia’s top comedians making some of Australia’s funniest comedy podcasts. We’ll also be releasing ad-free episodes and bonus content to their premium tier Sanspants Plus.

For more info read the Press Release over on Podnews.


US election episode!

It’s US election time and even though Joe Biden is on track to win, Donald Trump appears to have picked up at least an extra 7 million votes compared to 2016.

Why did this happen and what does the left have to learn from now eternal Trumpism?

Also we look at Australia’s top US election commentary from Karl Stefanovic, Alan Jones Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull.


The “Cushion the Blow” Budget!

Jobs, tax cuts, record deficits, zombie businesses, irresponsible lending, axing kids TV shows, blow cushioning – the 2020 budget really has something to confuse and annoy everyone! We break down the big night and look at all the ideologically driven policies designed to turn Australia into a nation of nothing but tradies and landlords.


SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3nTjbXNgIuAhFzKAZtdh6u

APPLE: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/the-cushion-the-blow-budget/id1453700382?i=1000493791022