Ep61: The Floods and Reigning Patriarchy! And guest Michael Chambelin.

What a moveable feast of a week! This time last week I thought this weeks show would be on Matthias Cormann getting his job at the OECD. Then it was going to be on the floods and the vaccine rollout. Then ScoMo had his disaster of a press conference on Tuesday and I had to somehow combine floods and patriarchy. It’s a very solid show I think I’m proud of this one I hope it doesn’t have too many references to office wanking in it for you.

Also had a great chat with Michael Chamberlin who was the head writer on Tonightly. I know nothing about AFL but being the start of the season thought it would be good to chat about the upcoming season and how he’s been since he hosted News Fighters last February before Covid took off. Great interview very hard to cut down – so check out the extended version over on sanspants plus which is about twice as long if you want all the goods.