Scott Morrison’s New Years Message

I recut Scott Morrison’s overly optimistic New Years Message to be a bit more reflective of the year ahead. Take a look. (From our latest episode)

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Tom Ballard joins to kick of 2021!

For our first ep back of 2021 I’m talking the Brisbane lockdown and the Victoria lockouts. Then my old boss Tom Ballard from Tonightly joins me to talk about the year ahead.

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US election episode!

It’s US election time and even though Joe Biden is on track to win, Donald Trump appears to have picked up at least an extra 7 million votes compared to 2016.

Why did this happen and what does the left have to learn from now eternal Trumpism?

Also we look at Australia’s top US election commentary from Karl Stefanovic, Alan Jones Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull.


The “Cushion the Blow” Budget!

Jobs, tax cuts, record deficits, zombie businesses, irresponsible lending, axing kids TV shows, blow cushioning – the 2020 budget really has something to confuse and annoy everyone! We break down the big night and look at all the ideologically driven policies designed to turn Australia into a nation of nothing but tradies and landlords.





Recession whack-a-mole with the mini-budget!

New episode out: While Victoria faces a horrible virus second wave and New South Wales plays whack-a-mole with outbreaks, the Morrison government gives us a mini-budget full of massive cutbacks in the middle of a recession. Can austerity, tax cuts AND tax rises help get Australia out of recession? Also Stefan Pazur stops by to plug his new spin-off podcast ARTS FIGHTERS.

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New episode: Scott Morrison says don’t protest racism while Trump wants a civil war

Australia is in its first recession in almost 30 years and the governments solution is for boomers to renovate their kitchens.

Meanwhile in America, the widespread protests against the killing of George Floyd have lead Donald Trump to push the country towards civil war, with his police literally hitting out at Australian news media in the process. Good thing we live in Australia where that would never happen, says Scott Morrison.

Back to life, back to stupidity!

Life is returning to normal in post-coronavirus lockdown Australia as the government miscounts Jobkeeper and finds $60 billion behind the back of the couch. But not for you! Also the too-good-to-be-true unemployment numbers, the upcoming China trade war and Labor jumps on the anti-immigration bus. And has anyone checked on Bryan Adams?

News Fighters is a “wacky clips” based Aussie news comedy podcast, created and hosted by ex-Tonightly/Chaser editor Dylan Behan.