New ep: The battle for Warringah’s rich old retired men

In our latest ep: Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Former Olympian and independent candidate Zali Steggall go head to head to imitate each other and rewrite history in the Sky News Warringah debate. Also resignations and disendorsements rain down as candidates drop like flies, stepping down over stripper incidents, racist memes and of course, alien space lizard conspiracy theories.

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New ep: first leaders debate


So on Monday night we watched the first election leaders debate on Seven-Two (?!?!) between “John” Shorten and “Digger” so you could enjoy Lego Masters while the wacky sound effects guy went crazy. Enjoy our take!


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Election time! Excellent!

It’s on! And they’re off! While the horse Winx enthrals Australia, Election 2019 will prove to be the race that bores the nation. We recap all the gaffes and blunders from the first week of the federal election campaign, including Scott Morrison’s suitably apt Borat impersonation, Bill Shorten’s weird catchphrases and Michael McCormack’s odd wombat addiction.


Budget Night Wrap up!

In our latest episode we dissect Liberal treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s Seinfeldian first budget speech before the upcoming federal election. Are we really back in black or just getting a cash splash? Also the car parks that Australia had to have!



NSW Election Night Wrap: Barnaby loses it!

It’s finally here! We wrap up all the thrills, spills and National Party fish kills from the crazy night that was NSW State Election 2019. Including: Alan Jones’ bizarre video shop remarks, Michael Daley’s lucky pie, Gladys Berejiklian’s sausage-fest, Antony Green’s computer crashes and Barnaby Joyce’s angry shouting match.


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Happy NSW Election eve!

Hi Guys!

It’s our NSW State election campaign episode! We look back at all the highs and lows including Liberal leader Gladys Berejiklian’s shocking admission that she’s never tried drugs and Labor leader Michael Daley’s countless apologies. Also Kyle Sandilands and his listeners hit the candidates with some hard hitting questions!



Serious media examination episode!

In an earnest and serious episode of News Fighters, we take good hard look at the Australian media’s addiction to giving airtime to right wing extremist viewpoints. Also Alan Jones blames the internet, Andrew Bolt announces he’s quitting racism, Chris Kenny gets tolerant, Scott Morrison gets contradictory, Pauline Hanson’s 20 millionth appearance on Sunrise gives Derryn Hinch a stroke and Fraser Anning versus Egg Boy.

Watch & listen below!