Bonus Content!

Sorry been busy in corporate land this week, so in the mean time here’s some EXCLUSIVE BONUS CONTENT! Back in January I was doing pilots for News Fighters so I thought now’s a good time to release some of it online!

So here’s my dissection of ScoMo’s visit to Fiji, including his disastrous after dinner speech and talk about punching above his weight. Enjoy! New episode soon!




Ep4: Pyne and Ciobo jump ship!

On todays episode: Rats to the lifeboats! Weeks out from the federal election, Christopher Pyne & Steven Ciobo are the latest Coalition MPs to jump overboard, while Captain ScoMo stays with the ship. Also Alex Hawke thinks maybe female quotas could be a good thing, while almost every other Liberal seems to disagree.

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Ep2: Julie Bishop’s winning strategy: Quit!

On our 2nd episode we investigate why Julie Bishop has suddenly announced she’s quitting parliament even though she thinks the coalition will win the federal election. And why is Sco-Mo obsessed with her shoes? And does the Liberal party have a “woman problem”? Maybe! They’re all leaving!

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Episode One!

We’ve launched!

On the first episode of News Fighters for February 20, 2019 we look at how Australian Finance Minister Mathias Cormann almost scored a free family trip to Singapore. And who exactly is Mr Burns?

Listen below!


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We’re also launching a WACKY CLIPS-CAST version on YouTube – it’s the audio podcast but with the video news clips included. Checkout the first ep below: